This revolutionary remedy will help remove under eye bags, the mimic and age skin imperfections in just two minutes. The action of the product lasts from 6 to 9 hours.

The remedy remarkably tones the skin, improves its elasticity, and has lifting effect.

Will you have an important meeting or date? Will you face up a significant celebration ahead? There is also you wish to look irresistibly. It`s easy and simply now, thanks to the new innovative formula, developed by the Jeunesse company.

The rejuvenating face treatment Instantly Ageless allows in only several minutes to give to your skin the tightened, fresh and healthy look. Uniqueness of a product consists in instant effect and duration of action (to nine hours).

Having applied the rejuvenating cream for the person Instantly Ageless on problem sites of skin, you will see how your face will incredibly change. Bags under eyes, wrinkles in the area around eyes, lips, and nose will disappear. And this is available to you in several minutes with an opportunity to enjoy the result the whole day.

To buy the rejuvenating face cream Instantly Ageless means to become younger, more self-assured, not to be afraid of important occurrings and actions. Exactly with Instantly Ageless you will feel irresistible, young and attractive.

The rejuvenating face cream works even in deep layers of a skin, as allows to achieve so high and long result. It doesn’t cause an allergy, has the moistening effect and promotes recovery of cells of a skin. Do not be afraid of changes, because the rejuvenating Jeunesse cosmetics will help you with it!

How to Apply the Cream onto Problem Spots:

1. Forehead Wrinkles

Apply the cream not only onto the skin imperfections but also onto your entire forehead, sweeping lightly and gently.

2. Eyebrows

Raise your eyebrows and apply the cream just the natural brow line.

3. Drooping Eyelids

Apply the cream under the arch of your eyebrows but not onto the eyelid.

4. Under Eye Bags and Eye Corner Wrinkles

Apply the cream gently all over the under eye area, including the facial area from the lower eyelid to the upper cheek as well as from the inner corner to the outer corner of your eye.

5. Facial Pores

Apply the required amount of cream onto problem spots, using tapping motions.




The Product

High-powered cream can help reduce visible aging changes in skin quickly.
Volume: 50 – 0.3 ml packet (15 ml in total)


The product considerably reduces eye bags in a matter of minutes.
It helps decrease mimic and aging changes in skin.
It improves your skin strength and skin tone.
Pores become smaller which enhances your facial tone, making it faultless.

Use Instructions

1. The packet should be squeezed first and then all components must be well mixed.
2. Apply a small amount of cream, using sponge, a brush, or the index finger.
3. For some time after cream application keep your facial muscles relaxed until the cream dries up.
4. After the cream dries up, you can apply another layer of cream onto missed areas.
5. If you apply too much cream, whitish substance may result. It can be easily removed with a cotton pad.
6. If you need to apply base, use oil-free products.
7. Use the product regularly for best results.